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The Arthritis Cure™ (Revised 2004) is a book that's certain to change millions of lives forever. The Arthritis Cure tells of a real world medical miracle - an advanced treatment program for the number one cause of chronic pain and disability.

Even people who have had pain and stiffness for years have finally found a treatment program which:

- Helps stop the damage from arthritis

- Restores mobility

- Eliminates pain

- Reduces the chance of requiring surgery

- Lowers the cost of treatment by: eliminating the need for medicines, such as anti-inflammatory drugs and acid blockers; reducing the need for therapy or surgery

It's no wonder that this book is a #1 New York Times bestseller and Newsweek magazine proclaimed:

"Arthritis treatment will never be the same."

Buy Dr. Theo's® "The Arthritis Cure™ - Revised Edition "

Table of Contents

• Acknowledgments
• An Important Note To The Readers - A Word From Dr. Theodosakis
• FOREWORD by Amal K. Das, Jr., M.D.

Chapter Title
1 Can Osteoarthritis Be Cured?
2 When Joints Go Bad
3 New Hope for Beating Osteoarthritis
4 The Arthritis Cure 
5 The Problem with Painkillers
6 Exercise That Helps, Not Hurts
7 Healthy Eating Really Counts
8 Beating the Blues
9 You Can Prevent Osteoarthritis
10 Rheumatic Disease Review
11 A Look to the Future

• Glossary
• References
• Index


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